What our members have to say…

In this moment I feel like there’s no time like the present all the influencers and advocates fighting for changes addressing social and economic justice for  Black people  ;  if we don’t make a tangible, relevant,  material,  notable impact we will have failed… will not see  a moment like this again in our lifetime!

Nikki Beasley
CEO of East Bay Neighborhood Housing Services

In this momentwe need action to outlast the corporate statements, Facebook posts, and token donations to those doing the hard work to bring equity to everyone in this country. In this moment, we need our white brothers and sisters to become comfortable with their discomfort and trust that we want reconciliation, not their heads on spikes. In this moment, we need our people to continue in the efforts to bring attention to our needs while respecting law and order so the movement is not hijacked. In this moment, we need opportunity to make the difference we all believe we can make as the African Diaspora Group…

Sam Sanders
CEO of MidCity Redevelopment Alliance Inc.

I think that the country has began making important strides to bring accountability for police brutality and images (such as confederate emblems).

This is a tremendous first step… and we need to follow up with direct investment to illuminate racial disparities.

How do we obtain investment strategies that will elevate Blacks in every economic spectrum — Infrastructure bill (with workforce ordinance), Housing and Education bill (providing capital or tax incentives for Blacks — much like the G.I. Bill).

Maybe we can work with the Congressional Black Caucus.

Ernest Coney
CEO of Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa

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